* S  > 315X270mm  - mast 420mm     150 km/h

* M > 440x360mm  - mast 560mm      130 km/h

* L  > 600x480mm  - mast 720mm      110 km/h

*XL > 770x600mm -  mast 960mm        60 km/h

Advanteges of our product

Large carflag – 600 x 480 mm

Small carflag – 315 x 270 mm
(Small carflag has the same technical spoecification as large one, but allows driving up to
150 km/h.)

The Carflag includes the following elements:

The holder (a) made of high-grade plastic. Adjusted for all cars windows. Does not scratch the window glass and has hole carrying water off the window. Construction solutions and our holder pattern are registered in Patent Office.

The mast (b) is made of elastick and resistant PVC. Can be separated from the car holder becoming the ordinary flag. It is absolutely save with no sharp edges and light weight.

The flag clip (c) is made of plastic. In kit with car flag we provide additional clip.

The flag itself (d) is made of top-grade fabrick Multiflag type with weight of 115-120 g/m2, 100% polyester, being made of top-garde fibre rugged conditions resistant. The flag has double stitched edges that allows driving accordingly to flag size 110 and 150 km/h.

Our carflags are packed in foil bags with carton patch with euro hole and print.
At bigger orders we can make the blister according to Your specification.